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Who would have thought that shopping for an intangible product like web hosting would be so complicated? Despite daunting technical jargon – ColdFusion, SQL server, Linux, Unix, etc. – the process is a lot simpler than one might expect.

We are here to guide you, ethically and informatively, to finding the absolute best web hosting company to fit you or your business’s personal needs. After all, your website may be your livelihood or your financial beacon– your web server choice could ultimately determine whether your project flourishes or flounders.

Our team of experts have compiled information, reviews, and articles to enlighten even the least tech savvy individual and save you from common pitfalls in the web hosting market. We are 100% committed to unbiased information and customer satisfaction.

In order to simplify your search for the right web hosting company, we have already done much of the grunt work that research entails. Based on a thorough analysis of hard facts and user reviews, we selected the 10 best web hosting companies and parsed out all the most important consumer details.

Why do i need web hosting?

The answer is simple: if you wish to launch a website accessible to the general public, you will need to find a web hosting server. In this day and age, you don’t need to be a business mogul or public figure to benefit from a website.

Web hosting companies essentially rent out a “space” on their server to accommodate your site. So, if you need to get your website running, you’re going to need to a find web hosting service– and we’re here to help.

Types of web hosting:

When shopping around for a web hosting account, it is crucial that you determine what resources your website will require, including the amount of bandwidth, disk space, number of email addresses and type of web support you might require.

Shared Web Hosting: The most common and basic form of web hosting is called “shared hosting”. In a shared hosting plan, multiple websites are hosted by the same server. This type of web hosting is ideal for small websites with low to moderate traffic, i.e., most websites. With shared hosting, you will generally have the benefit of sufficient bandwidth space, multiple email addresses, ownership of your domain name and server maintenance without the hefty cost of more complex packages.

Free Web Hosting: Yes, free web hosting does exist. But: always be wary of a free lunch! While some companies offer free web hosting capabilities, there are generally a few unsavory caveats. For example, popular “free” hosts like Angelfire require users to carry banners or ads on the top of each of their hosted webpages. If you want to create a hobby site for primarily personal purposes, and do not mind unsightly ads and server interruptions, free hosting is a viable choice.

Dedicated Web Hosting: Like the name implies, this type of web hosting is more complex, and, in a sense, “more dedicated” to your website. With dedicated web hosting, you will have sole possession of an entire server – that means unlimited databases, bandwidth (500GB – 1 TB) and email addresses! Dedicated web hosting is ideal for an individual or business that wants to operate many different websites concurrently.

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