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All in all, DreamHost is a great web hosting service provider. Sure, they might be a bit pricier when compared to other hosting providers, but this is due to their promise of high quality service which is definitely provided. If having the most affordable hosting isn’t a priority, DreamHost is definitely a consideration for you.


The importance of web hosting for businesses cannot be overemphasized. A lot of things can go wrong if your website does not have the right web hosting provider. The experience of the website needs to be pleasant and if the web hosting does not delive,r then your business could suffer big time. Many people make the mistake of buying the domain name for free but end up paying huge sums of money years later to the hosting company. This is something to look out for. We are going to discuss about a web hosting provider known in the market as DreamHost. We will review its services so that website developers could make an informed decision on the provider.

Hosting Features

First of all, if you know little about web hosting then you might already be familiar with this name because DreamHost is considered a giant in this industry. The number of customers exceed 400k and the number of websites are over a million. Talking about its inception, it came into existence about 20 years ago and it has won several accolades in between. Certainly, there are lots of good things and advantages of availing the services of a company that has been there for so many years. In this regard, the first positive aspect about DreamHost is their uptime which is close to 100%. In fact, just to make things interesting they offer an extra day to make up for a downtime of one hour. They also offer unlimited bandwidth along with some of the other amazing features.


Pricing Concerns

It is important to note that all of these features come at a higher price than that of competitors. Typical payment plans go from month to month. When you agree to a two year service plan, you pay $8.95 per month with the option to be billed biennially and pay in advance. Keep in mind that paying in advance will save more money in the long run. When it comes to a one year service plan, these packages are $9.95 per month. If you’re unsure if you would want to commit to more than a few months, there is a month to month option at $10.95 per month.


Reliability and Uptime

Another important thing that a website is looking for is the faster page load time. DreamHost again proves that it is among the top because the page load time is about 12 times faster as compared with the other competitors. As for their uptime, DreamHost is super reliable at 99.98% uptime as reported by Host Benchmarker. This is very impressive as this is probably the best uptime you’ll find in the market. You could say that when it comes to uptime, the services of DreamHost can be considered amongst the elites.



Now, let’s discuss their quality of their support system. It would be foolish of us to think that they can pull off all of the other great service elements without nailing the customer support. All the elements of their value proposition are completely aligned. If you are encountering a problem with your website, you will be instantly connected to the live chat in a matter of minutes. From there on you can clear all your confusions and queries with you assigned agent. Some companies outsource their customer service, but DreamHost offers their particular support team from in-house; this again shows how much they care about their customer service. The only downside that we could find with the customer service was that there was no option of call support.


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