GoDaddy Web Hosting

Godaddy is probably the most celebrated name in the world of web hosting. The seductive TV commercials and flashy ads have taken the web hosting industry by a storm. The advertisements have paid off for GoDaddy and they are now one of the leading webs hosting company in the world. Those of you who are not well informed about the world of web hosting, you probably know GoDaddy from the TV ads but if you are in touch with the web hosting industry, you would know that GoDaddy is one of the most dependable hosting service provider.

GoDaddy has created huge demand for their hosting service in the market with the help of their extraordinary quality of hosting service backed by great features and an efficient customer support team. There are so many reasons why GoDaddy has become the natural choice for a hosting service seeker. Let us explore some of the major reasons behind such success.

Technological features

Most of the leading hosting providers offer a lot of features which are helpful to run a site. GoDaddy does the same only with more conviction and enthusiasm. With their regular package you will get 100 GB of disk space which is just incredible. To go with that you will have unlimited bandwidth, 100-1000 domains depending on different hosting plans, 50 FTP accounts and more than 10 MySQL databases. You will also have access to SSH, DNS and cron Jobs. There are innumerable other features which are more than efficient for a website of any caliber. With GoDaddy, you can easily install and run WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other such web scripts.

Marketing features

The marketing tools offered by GoDaddy are very effective. You will have $200 worth free marketing credits which you can use anyway you like to promote your site online. GoDaddy also offers free web builder tools and templates. You will get easy app installer, WordPress support, customizable mobile site and so many other marketing facilities from GoDaddy.


GoDaddy is the most reliable web hosting provider in the market right now. They have been able to achieve the reliability and credibility through excellent hosting features, unparallel quality of performance and a top notch customer support team. The team works on a 24/7 basis to make sure that all of your quarries are answered and solved within a very short time. These aspects of GoDaddy makes sure that their promised up time which is 99.9% is realized efficiently making your site visible and accessible all the time. You will be able to reach the team in many different ways during any time of the day to get your problems solved. There are other resources such as manuals, tutorials and a lot of articles to help you getting started with the hosting services. You can stay assured about the quality of hosting service that you are going to get from GoDaddy web hosting.


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