Servage Hosting Review

Servage Hosting Review
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Price: $6.20/Month

Servage provides the finest web hosting platforms, which is one of the most technically advanced and up-to-date web hosting platforms available on the market. The most amazing thing is that downtime is no longer an option as if a server should fail it will right away be replace by another one.

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Servage, a web hosting company, established in 1998, is one of the finest web hosting providers available in the market. The site has professionally designed hosting plans which will surely satisfy your needs and enable you to launch and maintain a high quality website. The hosting company which hosts almost 200,000 websites at present, is obviously has its reasons to become such a favored hosting destination for so many website owners.

Top notch Technology

When it comes to web hosting services, the standard of technology used by the hosting companies is the most concerning issue for the clients. Through years of experience Servage has been able to understand that have been providing hosting services using cutting edge technology to the hosting clients. Most of the hosting companies guarantee 99.9% up time but most of them fail to stay true to that guarantee as they do not have the technological means or the financial backup to ensure it. In case of Servage, things are different. They use their experience to combine the best possible technology and best technological experts to ensure 100% up time, though the only promise 99.98%. They ensure uninterrupted up time through Gigabit internet connection, private datacenter, power backup, redundant server setup and their invincible attitude towards the service. They have a very efficient server cluster plan which stores your web pages in a number of servers. This means, if you have a server failure, your website will still be running with same efficiency from some other servers.

Hosting Features

Servage web hosting offers a bag full of essential features for the clients. You can have unlimited web space, transfer, newsletters domain hosting and FTP accounts. You will also have 1000 MySQL databases, XML support, EXIF support, SSI support, hotlink protection, Zend optimizer, adobe flash, image magic support, Ruby on rails, FTP S, python CGI support, GD support, FTP access, password protected directories, WAP and CURL enabled, phpMyAdmin and a lot of other services. You will have a web based admin panel, full DNS management, virus filtering, SMTP server ,server site mailfiltering, online file manager, online web statistics, automatic script installer and own cronjobs.


The regular package at Servage starts at $6.20 which by the courtesy of an ongoing offer can be bought with 4 months of free service. If you want to have VPS hosting, you can pick packages starting from $19.95 on a monthly basis. There are some general features included in these basic packages. You can add features according to your needs by paying some extra bucks for them.

Fluent Customer Support

If you face any kinds of problems while being served by Servage you can contact their customer service through the phone number available at their website. You can also send them a mail explaining your concerns and they will get back to you. Their average respond time is 20 minutes which is extraordinary if you consider the number of clients they deal with. There are resources available at the website which will help you to start the process of hosting your site with them.


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