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It would be a good choice on your part to go for SiteGround if you are planning to open a website of your own. They have a good reputation in the market and there is no doubt you would be in good hands.


Updated: 6 Aug 2016

Now-a-days, almost all things are available online and the online market is booming thanks to its fast pace and hassle free operation. People prefer online version of services, be it shopping or be in booking a hotel room. Gone are those days when you had to book tickets though agents or had to stand in que for tickets to watch your favorite football team. With the increasing number of online users, new sites are being created every day and all of these sites must be maintained under a web host. These services, typically known as web hosting services, are what allows a website to be viewed on the internet. SiteGround is just one of many web hosting services that offers its users just what they need depending on your needs. Let’s find out how their service really is and what they offer to their customers.

Hosting Features

SiteGround mainly offers three types of hosting services; namely Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Web hosting is the basic program where you can open a website with your own with a domain name. With that you get the basic requirements in order to host regular websites. The amount of space available is moderate and it is highly recommended for basic level users. The cloud hosting service offers you s virtual space in their cloud where you can store your data. Of course, the amount of space offered varies in proportion with cost. Through the cloud hosting, you can access your data from every corner of the globe. Dedicated hosting is the premium hosting option for professional people and businesses. The space offered is high and the bandwidth threshold is also on the higher side since these hosting features are mainly used to host big, highly trafficked websites.

Pricing Concerns

The price varies with the type of service you choose. The basic web hosting service ranges from as low as $3.95/month to $14.95/month and it has three packages- StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. They have different features. The cloud hosting starts from $60/month and ends at $140/month with varying features and space. Dedicated hosting price varies between $229/month to $429/month depending on the services and offers selected.

Reliability and Uptime

When it comes to web hosting services, reliability is one key factor as you obviously wouldn’t want you site to regularly crash every now and then just for the sake of a low maintenance cost? In terms of reliability, it is fair to say that SiteGround has a pretty good track record. They have well above 99% of uptime record and this makes them a good place to put your trust.


Their support system is also very prompt. Tickets are attended within 10 minutes and live chat and call centers are also available. You get all of that while it is also available 24×7. Their dedicated experts team are a helpful part of your journey by ensuring total security and protect websites from any threat.


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