Volusion Hosting Review

Volusion Hosting Review
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Price: $15/Month

Volusion is one of the most popular solutions around. Volusion provides an advanced HTML mode if you want to create your website with you HTML skills.

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Volusion is one of the most credible Web hosting solution companies around at the moment. This web hosting company has been able to make a strong and loyal client base which is extremely happy and definitely highly satisfied. Let us focus on some the major attributes of Volusion web hosting. This hosting company is majorly popular among those who are trying to host an ecommerce business site.

Packages and Pricing

The site has 5 different packages designed to suit your needs. The packages are named as Mini, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The packages are priced at $15, $35, $65, $125 and $195 per month. The packages vary in terms of features included in each of them. For instance you will have data transfer limit of 1 GB, 2 GB, 5 GB, 25 GB and 40 GB respectively for packages starting from Mini to Platinum. You will have no transfer fees for any of these packages and will have access to mobile stores, Facebook stores and social media tools with all the packages. You will get abandoned cart reports, ratings and reviews and newsletters along with all the packages except for the Mini package. You get phone orders, import/export and CRM with all the packages without Mini and Bronze packages. There are features such as deal of the day, MyRewards, eBay integration, API access, batch order processing and on boarding coach; which are exclusively available along with the gold and platinum package.

Other Features

Volusion offers a great deal of support for the ecommerce clients. There are software and other marketing and processing support which adds a great deal to the hosting package you get from them. For instance you will get website builders, enterprise ecommerce software, ecommerce marketing, e commerce web design, ecommerce blog, SSL certificate and a lot more. You will also get knowledge and expert advice on how to start online business, how to sell online and mobile ecommerce. There are also many templates designed to suit your need. You can buy these templates at reasonable price from Volusion hosting.

Customer Support

Web hosting, especially ecommerce web hosting needs to be spot on with the customer service. The ecommerce websites depend heavily on the efficient customer service provided by the hosting companies. Volusion makes sure that the ecommerce website runs smoothly because from 10 years of priceless experience they know that, without strong support from the hosting providers an ecommerce site will never be able to deliver the expected level of service. The site offers vast resources for the ecommerce hosting clients. The resources include ecommerce blog, knowledge base, app store, experts, webinars, video tutorials API and a lot more. These materials are filled with interactive platform for you to explore efficient ways of improving your ecommerce website. You can contact the expert support team at Volusion through phone calls, emails or chatting service available at the site. They will support you are guide you through all the steps of installation and for any other issues you might have, use the other means of contact and get your issues resolves.


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