Web.com Hosting Review

Web.com Hosting Review
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Web.com is a reasonable hosting service provider with a lot of essential features to build and run a healthy and effective website

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Web hosting is one of the most essential aspects of making a website successful. If your website is somehow connected to your business and has an impact on your business, it is very crucial for you to get a top class hosting company to host your website. Web.com is a very experienced webhosting service provider. They have been in the business for last 30 years and they know how to make your website stand tall and stay stable.

A Complete Solution

Web.com provides a one stop solution for all the essential supports those your website might need in order to run smoothly and efficiently. You can visit the site and avail services such as domain names, hosting, email marketing and a lot more. Let us focus on the hosting features.

Hosting features

Web.com are especially well equipped with all the necessary tools to make an efficient website for running a small business. The hosting packages include tons of open source application, user friendly web building tools, automated recovery system, one click installable wordpress for blogs and an extensive program language support. The company also offers 99% up time for your website which is incredibly justified by their top quality hosting services.

Hosting Packages

Web.com offers 3 different packages for the hosting clients. The packages are called Essential hosting, Professional Hosting and premium hosting. Let us take a closer look at these hosting packages.

Essential Package

This package comes with 300 GB of disk space which is enough for a small website. You will also have unlimited bandwidth which will make your site run smoothly. You will have 25 FTP accounts and 10 multi user email boxes. Along with the hosting package you will also get 1 free domain. The package is priced at $9.96 per month if you take the package for a year.

Professional Package

The professional package offers 500 GB worth web space which in most cases is good enough for any small website. The bandwidth remains unlimited giving your website an edge when it comes to speed and stability. You will be provided with 50 FTP accounts along with the package. You will also have 25 multi user email boxes and a free domain. All these features and a lot more is available at $13.29 on a monthly basis on a 1 year contract.

Premium Hosting Package

Premium hosting package gives you the liberty of having unlimited disk space which can be helpful for you if you are planning to make a content heavy website. You will also have unlimited bandwidth to make sure the website runs efficiently and without any interruption. You will also have unlimited FTP accounts at your disposal. You will also have 25 multi user email boxes and 1 free domain along with the package which come to you at $29.13 per month.
With a great customer support team, Web.com can be a very good option for you to host your website.


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