Why Pick Dedicated Hosting Over VPS

The world of web hosting keep getting more and more efficient will all sorts of new addition to make sure your website has the perfect platform to operate with extreme efficiency. Starting from a corporate business to a rookie musician with a few tunes, everyone is looking to have an online identity created through having a website that would serve the purposes. All these people look for different websites with different purposes and these sites need different platforms which would suit the needs specific to the sites. Among all the hosting platforms available dedicated hosting and VPS hosting re probably the most popular ones for those who want to launch and run a heavy weight website. There are some interesting converging points for these two hosting platforms and some differences as well. Let us go through the features so that you can pick the right one.

VPS hosting and dedicated hosting

VPS or virtual private server is a form of web hosting where you can have your own virtual dedicated server and host your site form there. What actually happens is, using server partition software, a few partitions are created in a single physical computer which works as the moan server, once partitioned, and these partitioned entities work individually without affecting each other’s performances in any way. With VPS hosting you can have resources such as disk space, bandwidth, memory and RAM to yourself while sharing some of the features including processor and mother board.

Dedicated hosting uses a single physical computer that works as the server to host a client’s site or sites. With dedicated server, one can enjoy complete undivided access to the resources such as operating system, disk space, processor, RAM, bandwidth etc.

VPS and dedicated hosting compared

As both the hosting platforms offer dedicated servers, we sometimes end up comparing them without considering the main points which should be considered. Here are the points you need to focus on.


Though VPS offers you a virtual private server, it has some short comings which you need to know before you get a VPS hosting for a high quality site. A big site always needs flexibility which means you will have to keep your server upgraded and customized to the exact point of specification. Having these with VPS might not be as smooth as dedicated hosting as with VPS you are still sharing a physical computer with other VPS clients. This means, your access to customize the options of a VPS panel and server will be limited as you might end up causing an error with the processor of the server which would result on the function disorder of the other sites hosted from the same server.


Expense is often the reason why so many people avoid a dedicated hosting. It costs a lot more than any other form of hosting platform. With VPS hosting you can get some of the lucrative features of dedicated hosting a t a lower price. But you need to know the importance of the stability and security those come with a dedicated hosting before you decide anything.


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